United States 2018 Home Football Shirt

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After qualifying for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, USA side also take this tournament as a turning point for higher level development. The kit is related to a disappointing memories involving unsuccessful campaign. The United States side are ruled out of football games while they pay their attention to future fixtures. In the initial qualifications for the next international tournaments, footballers of the USA side will put on the new football kit.

Striking stripes shifting from blue to red are printed on the front; the gradually changed stripes also forming an abstract sash, running down from up left shoulder to down right corner. Such design is also an ode to regular design of United States to a certain extent. The special design following traditions of the American flag also emphasizes speed at the same time.

Before detail introduction, some distinctive characteristics are listed as follows:

Crewneck design

White base color

Red and blue hoops

Blue Nike Swoosh

Blue and red team crest

100% Polyester

Dri-FIT technology

More expert knowledge and experience are used in manufacture process of USA football jersey. It is the Dri-FIT technology that a light-weight and durable is created. To keep you cool and dry, the new home football shirt is made from 100% polyester. The horizontal stripes are spangled with stars, pledging allegiance to the long footballing history of the country. The inside of the back collar is printed with a flying eagle in blue, which also adorned with blue stars. The raglan sleeves allow footballers to move more freely.

The symbolic USA crest is stitched to the left side and the blue Nike Swoosh is woven to right chest. A red tape is printed to back collar. And the crewneck also add some modern touch to the shirt. On the basis of traditional design, this new football shirt is injected modern touch for new elements different with traditional elements.

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2014 United States Home Shirt

Nike and the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), commonly known as U.S. Soccer, jointly unveiled the brand new home shirt for the men’s national team competing in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Combining classic and bold design and innovative technologies, the home shirt perfectly shows American style and Americans’ patriotism. The innovative football product can help players run quickly and freely at football fields.

Martin Lotti, creative director of Nike, said:“The new jersey clearly shows the pride and unique feeling of the American people, and it also reflects their optimistic attitude.”

The home shirt is white with light gray horizontal stripes, one of the traditional elements of the United States. It features a white polo collar with red ornament, an iconic element of American fashion and sportswear. There are 13 white pentagrams in the blue pennant that is put inside of the collar, coming from the original American flag and representing the profound history of the United States. Specially designed name and number of a player are placed at the back of the shirt. This modern and angular font is directly influenced by other American sports teams. A small America national team badge is underneath the number.

“It is an honor for us to wear the jersey designed for the national team. We will start a difficult journey this summer. We will go to Brazil to play games under different conditions. Nike’s innovative design will give us the best support.” said Clint Dempsey, the captain of the U.S. national team.

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2017 United States Away Shirt Cheap

The sportswear giant Nike and the United Stated Soccer Federation(USSF) jointly released 2017 United States Away Shirt for men’s and women’s national teams. The brand new Nike Vapor shirt is red in color that comes from the main color of America national flag. Traditionally, red communicates passion, aggression and energy. National team players will wear it to face challenges in a new season. The Vapor shirt is the most advanced product Nike has created in order to help players keep comfortable and be concentrated on games.

The new away shirt would be worn by women’s national team players at games of SheBelieves launched from March 1, 2017 to March 7, 2017. Most noticeably, the team got the champion of 2015 Women’s World Cup, so the champion badge of World Cup was proudly shown on this woman’s away shirt. At the same time, three five-pointed stars that represent three titles of World Cup were printed over the USSF badge.

The federation badge was redesigned. Designers took inspiration from the previous design and famous national emblem to show the country of the United States perfectly. These vertical red and white stripes symbolize 13 separate colonies. “USA” included in the new badge emphasizes Americans’ indomitable will and reminds Americans that they should not give up no matter how great the difficulties encounter.

Players of men’s national team would wear the new away shirt for the first time at a match against Honduras national team on March 24, 2017. Landon Donovan is one of the greatest players in national team. He can represent the U.S. soccer and has played games in FIFA World Cup four times. Individually, Donovan has won the U.S. Soccer Male Player of the Year award five times in his football career. Besides, he got FIFA’s Best Young Player award, the CONCACAF Gold Cup MVP and was selected as the player of the Gold Cup Best XI four times.

This away shirt features eye-catching Nike Swoosh and fire-new federation badge. By contrast, the sleeves and shoulders are dark red. A black stripe is placed on both sides of the jersey to keep players cool when they are in motion. There are design details showing respect for the country. “USA” is woven at the back of the collar. Besides, the inside of left and right sleeves is respectively knitted with “1 Team” and “1 Nation”, which highlights the idea of “1 Team, 1 Nation” the USSF strongly initiates.

Manufactured by Nike AeroSwift technology, the shirt is much lighter and more breathable than previous shirts. Combined with Dri-FIT technology, players can keep cool during 90 minutes.

The shorts and socks of the away kit are also bold red. U.S. Soccer jersey is a must for loyal fans and you can get this well-designed away kit at FC Kingdom. The slim cut provides a perfect fit.

Nike’s each of kit is made from approximately 16 recycled plastic bottles showing the awareness of environmental protection. In recent years, Nike has made a contribution to environmental protection. Since 2010, they have recycled about 3 billion plastic bottles from landfills which can fill 5200 soccer fields.

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Fabulous 2016 United States Away Shirt

Copa América is an international football tournament contested among ten strongest national teams from South American and it is the oldest and top international continental football competition in the world. The teams that join the competition will be increased to 16 teams from 2019 including the previous ten teams and six teams from other continents. The first competition was held in 1916 in Argentina, meanwhile, it celebrated the 100th anniversary of Argentine independence. Uruguay national team has won 15 champions of Copa América and Argentina national team won 14 titles.

The 2016 Copa América was held in America. It had been founded for 100 years until 2016. Therefore, national teams from American Continent could participate in this competition. As the host of the major international sporting event, the players of the U.S. soccer teams tried their best to train every day, and the football shirts designed and manufactured by Nike, the sportswear giant, were helpful when they ran fast at football pitches.

The well-designed 2016 United States Away Shirt completed its debut at the match against Guatemala national team. It was worn by the U.S. women’s national team to help them perform well.

The men’s national team would dress the away shirt at the matches of Copa América.

Black is the main color of the new shirt showing the profound history of the national team. It features a modern V-collar design with blue and red sleeves in contrast to the body part. At the back of the collar, there is the word, “USA”. The badge of the United States Soccer Federation is proudly embroidered on the chest that is the combination of “USA” and the vertical red and white stripes. “USA” emphasizes Americans’ indomitable will and reminds Americans that they should not give up when they face challenges. These stripes represent 13 separate colonies. Additionally, the inside of left and right sleeves is respectively knitted with “1 Team” and “1 Nation”.

All details show respect for the nation. Each side of the jersey has a black stripe. They extend down and connect with the stripe on both sides of the shorts in order to provide good air permeability for players in motion.

Nike AeroSwift technology is used to make the new away shirt lighter and more elastic. The new shirt made from recycled polyester, on the one hand, ensures the high performance, and on the other hand, it reduces the impact on environment. The shirt wicks sweat from the skin 20% faster, and its dry rate is increased by 25% compared with former shirts. Beyond that, Dri-FIT technology also absorbs sweat to keep players dry and comfortable.

Each kit is made from about 16 recycled bottles. These bottles are degraded into high-quality yarn to be the main fabric, which reflects environmental awareness of Nike.

There are black shorts and black socks completing the away kit. The socks feature a blue Nike Swoosh and a red. This away kit looks cool and powerful. Fans of the U.S. national team must wear it to cheer on the team. The federation badge is an element to show your loyalty. The shirts, shorts and socks are being sold at FC Kingdom.

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Great 2016 United States Home Shirt

The United States Soccer Federation officially unveiled the brand new home shirt for the national team participating in 2016 Copa América held in America.

The United States national team won five titles of CONCACAF Gold Cup. Several famous footballers have played for the team including Landon Donovan, Michael Bradley and DeAndre Roselle Yedlin.

Landon Donovan is an American former player playing as a forward and attacking midfielder. It is the man who can represent American soccer. He played for his nation in four World Cups. Donovan played not only for the U.S. national team but also for football clubs including Bayer Leverkusen, San Jose Earthquakes and LA Galaxy. As a professional player, Donovan held numerous individual records and got a few awards. He got U.S. Soccer Young Athlete of the Year award in 2000, Honda Player of the Year award seven times, FIFA World Cup Best Young Player award in 2002 and so on.

Michael Bradley is the core player of the national team and is hard-working and intelligent. His tactical intelligence and positional sense enable him to recover the ball quickly. In addition to his stamina and playing ability, he is also famous for his communication and leadership skills.

DeAndre Roselle Yedlin was born on July 9 1993 in Seattle, Washington, United States. Yedlin began playing soccer at age four. He features as a wingback and a wide midfielder with great quickness and speed. In 2014, he got the U.S. Soccer Young Athlete of the Year award.

These excellent footballers make the national team strong and powerful. There is no doubt that everything about them is popular with their loyal fans. For example, the sale of the top player Messi’s football shirt was the first one in 2015.


This newly released home shirt is classic white in color. The light blue sleeves show the unique design in contrast to the body part. It features a modern V-collar design with a red stripe embroidered on the collar. The red stripe is also placed on both sides of the shirt to make players cool and comfortable. The federation badge is printed on the chest showing the long history of American football. “USA” knitted on the back of the collar and “1 NATION, 1 TEAM” sewn on the right and left sleeves reflect the idea America initiates.

Inside of the shirt, there is also the word “USA” surrounded by these slogans “We can”, “We will”, “We are” in order to encourage players to perform well, which are from a fan’s Twitter. Now, they are hanging on the wall of national team’s dressing room.

Both sides of the jersey have red stripes which extend down and connect with the stripes on both sides of white shorts so as to provide good air permeability for players in motion.

The advanced Nike AeroSwift technology is used to make players remove interference and concertante on the game. Additionally, the shirt becomes lighter and more comfortable.

Nike’s environmental awareness has been reflected. For example, the shirt is made from recycled polyester showing the sustainability and reducing the impact on environment as well.

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